Herman's Hermits Starring Peter Noone

The Very Reverend Sung Long Noone


As we welcome a new “Il Papa” I thought that I should come and say hello from all of us faithful up here at the Monstery!

Looking ahead to a week tip-toeing on the brim of Hades,I thought I should come forth or third and tell you about my fears and shortcomings about whatever it is I have agreed to do with myself and others.

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Followers of the Frock

I am sure you already know the Rocking Reverend Sung Long seen above on his skate board, and he is back to share his wisdom witheth you.

I want you to confess to me the nastiest thing you have ever done at a Herman’s Hermits concert. Remember that children visit this site, so no jokes about sex, drugs or your Mum’s knickers being tossed.

Off you go brethren and followers of the Frock!

The Very Reverend Sung Long Noone

As you all know, The Very Reverend Sung Long Noone used to be a regular visitor to this site, and many of the faithful flock would come here to ask for spiritual enlightenment.

Well I am back and I am ready for all your questions or queries (we are open to all) about your spiritual well-being.

I am ready. Are you?

Pets are people too!!!!!

The Very Reverend Sung Long Noone

Father Down

Today I am at The Monstery, and look they have a Starbucks here too

We were all pleasantly surprise and gratinfried by the success of the offering of the Cds we found in the Monstery basement, and all 72 are spoken to.

As March is a quiet month you can expect more search and discovery missions into the mouth of Hades, where much of the past is stored. Whatever next? We don’t even venture to guess!

The whirled is full of opportunities for mirth and merriment, despite the recent shortcomings of the people who were once held in high esteem.

We can giggle, titter, and be panglossian to our heart’s content, because we deal in a higher voltage (for you google types that is a jeu de mot regarding Voltaire who was Harold Robbins’ mother).

Please send me your wholly and wholesome pix of the Very Reverend at work. Or anyone you know who has a job.

Remember, that the only judge of what is a good picture of me is me.

In the words of the sage Herman. I am I am. I know Neil Diamond says he said it, but the truth is recorded and I am AND I SAID IT FIRST!

I like that white jacket look and may use it in Stafford sans les rubber trousers!

This does not mean no trouserage. I will be trousered but not rubberish.

I have invited my friends Micky Dolenz and Mark Lyndsay to participate in my 45 minutes on stage as I do in their sets. That may be more fun than a wholly man can take?

Re Lent



Oh ye of little face. Oh flocking faithful! It is Lent again. Time to give something up? No meat on Fridays? Reduce your carbon footprint? Reduce your carbo input? Refresh? Reboot? Repossess? Look inwards? What do you see?

If you can’t see all the way through, then perhaps, like me, you have given up something fattening for Lent? Share with us what it is you have foregone for the forty!

Peter Noone

The Very Reverend Sung Long Noone at Busch Gardens Revival!! (by Diane Porter)