Herman's Hermits Starring Peter Noone

A Christmas Ornament Again

Yes it is true. The wantons wanted it, so it was created and I am busily writing out Christmas cards to send to all the people who already ordered it!!!
It is lucky that I have Christmas cards and ornaments and envelopes and stamps, all of which I need in order to have the postman take it to it’s new owner.
Some Noonatics already have the ornament dangling, and for this I am truly sorry. NoOne doesn’t dangle but the ornament wilt.
Back to my new role as Christmas ornament mailroom boy, and stamp licker extraordinaire.
Hope you all heard me on Dennis Miller this morning? It’s always fun to hear you on the phone.Hermans-Hermits-2013Christmas6

The Very Fun and Fab Fan Club Experience


G’day all. Perhaps you have noticed that the Peter Noone Fan Club has entered a brand new and exhilarating phase which I will call now or new.

The volunteers are now all in the same place and interacting with each other on a personable level. The Lifetime members get to come back stage at a concert (hopefully near where they live and not too far to drive).

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Happy 2013


Woke up this morning feeling fine. I hope you all did too, because this year is going to be a busy and fun one, and you will need lots of energy to keep up with the programe!

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2013 is near


Hello all young and old alike.

It’s me Herman aka Peter Noone and I will be your leader for all of the new year and hopefully until we ALL get our social security cheques or an old age pension.

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Merry Christmas to yule all!

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