The Very Reverend Sung Long Noone

As you all know, The Very Reverend Sung Long Noone used to be a regular visitor to this site, and many of the faithful flock would come here to ask for spiritual enlightenment.

Well I am back and I am ready for all your questions or queries (we are open to all) about your spiritual well-being.

I am ready. Are you?

Pets are people too!!!!!

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Why don’t you find a job and end this dependence upon your parents? It’s a friendly competition.That’s a good idea.I haven’t even touched your tooth yet.He shot the lion with a gun.The sun was shining and the sky was crystal clear.The sun was shining and the sky was crystal clear.I can’t afford a new car.It’s a long story.Mr. Smith taught English at a school.


From a young eye, I really enjoy the type of music and melodies that you and your family have given to the world. I have been known to have an old soul and is lost in this decade of music. I am thrilled that you still present your wonderful music to those like i that constantly look for that music that makes me think of being happy and brings family closer. Actually due to your music I have became closer to my mother. I want to thank you for that, The curiosity and wonders that music brings is truly remarkable. It is therapeutic for some and brings me to think about the past allot. I tend to wonder what life was like during the 20′s,30′s,40′s,50′s, and 60′s. I’m curious on how music changes others perspective about life. I’m curious on your thoughts about the evolution of music for the past few decades, do you feel like they have less meanings about families and less meaning about staying together as a unit. Do you think that effects the attitudes of the young minds, and to not think to family anymore but to friends. How did you become involved into music, when did you know you wanted to sing, do you think that the respect in others has decreased over the years, i wonder why? How was life different in being a musician in the 50′s and 60′s compared to today’s era? How is family life when you were younger different from family life today in ways of living?



happy birthday peter on saturday hope you have many more so you can keep singing for us try not to work that day just enjoy love your fans


Great to see the Rev is back in the monastery. A blessing for everybody.


Hi Rev! I just watched brother eu-gene’s video from the recent flocking at Ram’s Head, and was wondering if you will sing “Everybody” next week at Newport as you did there. I prey you will…

Maggie from Toronto

It is Fab too see you back Rev Lard knows I need a great big one ,A blessing that is your holiness.Love the pic the holy roller ,Are we flocking together as one at Noonefest Rev?


Forgive yourself Father, for you pushed Billy off the stage and then laughed at him. Do it again. :)


Your Holiness I had one special Blessing this this week my hubby got a job:):) Also I want to say Your Holiness you have given so may Blessings yourself to many in the fan club I want to thank you for that:):) You know Rev Noone that Blessing I had this week you can say I have had many Blessings:):) SandraKay is a very lucky lady VERY LUCKY!!!!


We had a fab time at the Rams Head Tavern last night, a truly uplifting experience! Love the waistcoat……black jeans…….hair……. see you managed to lose weight without getting an amputation! We enjoyed the new song and Jezebel was amazing! So funny when Billy couldn’t climb back onto the stage, was he pushed?!!! He excelled with remembering Chesapeake! See you at tonights show…. Gill, Nanci & Dor


Hello Reverend, Once again it is that time of year (Thanksgiving in Canada) ,where we paws to give thanks for all our blessings. I am very thankful for you,and also to belong to such a wonderful fan club!! Can’t wait to receive yourblessing at Noonefest!! Wishing you many more healthy, happy, years of blessing your flock!! See you Saturday!!


happy to see you back, its been a while. see you soon at the villages both show’s your a bessing to all .love the puppy to. courtney, has a yorkie to .
love Glenda

Helen from Canada

Hi, Glad to see you back. Love the puppy, it’s soo cute!! (So is the Rev) Just seeing the picture has lifted my spirits!!! Bless you!!!


Welcome back, Rev!
Are you fasting or praying during this very special time of atonement?


Please tell us what subjects interest you – we’d love to see you more in chat and don’t want to bore you!


Oh, Wholly Flocked One! What an honor to be in your presents once again! (I don’t know what that means, but I like how it sounds.) I must confess, I have strayed from the flock like a lost sheep! It has been __ years since my last concert! Please offer up a prayer for me for forgiveness! I will be at confession tonight at the Ramshead. What shall my penance be?

David (The Villages)

Are you familiar with the teachings of Fr. Guido Sarducci? He seems to make the most sense to me!

Ida M

Isad. Rest in peace Steve Jobs amen! Do you own any of his inventions?


Ok, I am psyched! Going to see Herman with my husband tonight. Also going with a friend tomorrow night! Woo-Hoo! Two concerts! I’ll be using my LIFE TIME tickets tomorrow at the Birchmere!! Perhaps one day soone I will get to see Herman at the Lorton Center for the Arts Workhouse!

June Bug

Maybe I will get my blessing tomorrow at Birchmere. It has been a while since I have seen you in a concert That changes this month.


Please forgive me! I have seen the photo of you in your frock holding a cute dog and my heart fluttered. I am married and need to control my flits and flutters lest my heart giveth out and I falleth down and breaketh my crown. Can you give me a penance or perhaps some spiritual advice?


Wow! My post sounded funny to me last night, but today it sounds dumb. LOL! I should never post when I am tired. My question is will you and Natalie be singing any duets at Noonefest?


I was wondering my spirit guide’s name is Peter. Is that you?


Do you have a patron saint? And if so, does he or she shop by here often?

jan toler

oops… my post went in the wrong place… Now I have to ask forgivness Farther…and wear the hairshirt…please forgive me soone because this thing really itches…

jan toler

She can have the part used for the shirt… but not the part used for my wig…I do have to do some pennance…just sayin’…

Terry Williamst

Is there any forgiveness for slashing your cheek at Noonefest last year?

Peter Noone

Hmm? I think we missed a couple in the 60s one in the 70s one in the 80s one in the 9os then one in nashville sep 11 and since then all clear


Ah, okay. Just one of those random questions I had to ask! I’m very random.


In nomine padre et filio et chetera….Reverend Sun Long, it has been a good few months since my last con……..cert and I will accept the penance of gathering with some of your flock again at the retreat in Peekskill where I shall do my best to live by the precepts of flappin’ my jack and whippin’ my hip to the uplifting mellifluous melodies of my youth<3 Amen


I could listen to your sermons over and over again. You have never sung too long for me! Looking forward to your Sunday services in Sellersville!


What does…”We are the Whirled” mean? See you at the 2nd Noonefest and the Villages (1st show).


Nanci is waiting for Father Down to give her confession. Gill need forgiveness and uplifting. see you tomorrow!!

gayle c

Not sure if I can be enlightened spiritually or otherwise, but…I think maybe you could give all of us noonatics a special blessing before we go to Noonefest….you know, just in case, we know not what we do.

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