Yes, I am Doctor NoOne

Yes, I am a doctor. I am a mental health specialist and a registered dietician in the state of California by the seaside.

I am always available to answer any questions you have about the above, and will try to answer any questions you may have about your mental health, your diet, an exercise regimen, a diet, or any other issues which may be troubling you as you read this.

Dr. NoOne
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judy ga

Dear Dr. NoOne,
Are we allowed a medical deduction on our taxes if we visit you in Tampa? what about Darlington or Southport?
Your faithfull patience, judy and rich


I have a student. He is 5 years old and his favorite song is Henry the VIII. Thank you for the autographed CD for him. He was so excited about the autograph that he almost fell over trying to see it. He has cerebral palsy and moderate mental retardation but mention your name and his face lights up. His attention span is limited and I have difficulty keeping him focused but I do get his attention by singing Henry the VIII but I can’t do that all day. Any suggestions for keeping him on task.


WONDERFUL SHOW at RUTH ECKERD HALL!!!!!!!!!!!(just had to blurt that out!!!!!)

Lady K

It seemed like just another Chrismasy day for Dr Noone as he did his daily walk around the grounds of the Noonatic insane asylum (for those Noonatics who finally went over the deep end when they discovered that Herman and Peter Noone were one and the same.) As he passed the wooden fence of the compound he heard chanting coming from inside…….eleven, eleven. eleven, eleven. Curious to know what was happening with his Noonatics, Peter looked for a small hole in the fence and peeked through it.
Immediately he was poked in the eye and everyone started chanting…….twelve, twelve, twelve, twelve…
Some say that laughter has the muscular benefits of internal jogging without having to go outdoors. Do you think that joggers should hang up their runners this Christmas and just go for the laughter?! (or more turkey & stuffing & gravy & second helpings………..)

Andrea, etc.

Sandra, Ida, Trish and everyone,
I wish Peter would comment on our topic!
I use to be able to comment on his FB, then his site changed.
I really miss that, cos I can’t even comment on any one else there!
Good luck to you all1

Ida M.

I am sorry to hear that Andrea. The only thing I can think of is maybe you accidentally got blocked somehow. Maybe through contact at the bottom of this page might get his attention idk .


Dear Dr NoOne, I don’t have another concert with Peter Noone until June 2012 so how do I spend my time until I get there? I think me needs some help.

Ida M.

Looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing stories of your UK tour coming up. I might get to go to your concert in TUlsa, OK. but will keep looking in case one pops up that is closer. My kids and I want to see you. Did you think that when you first recorded “Henry” or “Silhouettes” that the tweens 10, 20, 30 or 40 years later will still be tapping their toes and snapping their fingers to your music? :)

Helen from Canada

Hi Dr. NoOne,

I have been suffering with vertigo for the past couple of days. What treatment would you suggest? I’m so dizzy my head is spinning, like a whirlpool it never ends!

Andrea, etc.

Peter, I love you on FB but I can’t find where to LIKE you, or comment or anything! All I can do is read the posts. Just so you know, I do LIKE and LOVE you.. How do I get added as a FRIEND?? I feel lonely there, not being able to join the converstations….Tears….:(
This is the only place I can communicate with you!



Andrea, isn’t there a “like” button under the HHSPN name on the page? I think sometimes it’s on the upper right side on some pages.

Andrea, etc.

Thanks so much Rhoni and Trish…at least I am not the only one who can’t post on PNSHH site…I thought maybe I was singled out! Maybe we will be accepted someday!
Take care..


I’ve clicked “Like” on that page before, and I still can’t interact on that page. I just tried it again, and I don’t have a “like” button on the top of the page, as I have previously clicked “Like.” No idea why I still can’t interact there. Thanks for trying Pam.


I can’t quite figure this out I do remember seeing you Trish and Andrea too posting on Peters FB page. What is puzzling me is how come you can’t now??

Ida M.

I thought so too Sandra unless it was a different Andrea and Trish I saw


I know, Sandra and Ida, i used to post there often. I have no idea what happened, I don’t think it was anything I did. I’m keeping up with all the upgrades, etc. so it’s not that.


I need a Dr. fast. I have a terrible cold and am in 4 Christmas concerts this weekend. What do I take? Or what do you take when you have a cold.? You always sounds so awesome no matter how you are feeling and i know there are many times when I am sure you are sick with a cold. Maybe tonight watching on PBS at 10 tonight the 60s Pop Rock will help.


Peter, The show on Dec. 4, 2011 at B.B.KING theater was just AMAZING. It will be the last show i will see this year. Your choice of material was just wonderful !!!! Your covers of other FAB songs from your era fit perfectly with the HITS that you had back. I really think the 60’s generation music is timeless. Thanks for your entertainment since i first saw you in 1966. If tonight’s show is any indication of what you will bring us in 2012 it should be magical.Happy Holidays, Happy NEW YEAR and have fun in the U.K. You are still so FAB !!!! Sincerely, FRANCES


They should have called the PBS concert Herman Rocks the House! Absolutely fab! And thanks for restoring my ability to spell HENRY. It had been a while since I’d spelled that name.


Dr. NoOne – watched the PBS special last night and it was great! Seems like quite a bit was edited out. After one of the other PBS specials you did, there was a DVD made of just your performance. Any chance this time? I’d love to see it and can’t manage the membership $$$!

steve baer

God of Gods
and Lord of Lords
Peter Noone Rules Rock and Roll forever
Elvis, eat your heart out

this is Ayhnum Akbar otherwise known as Father Gaga

I started the Discordians, and ruled the Sub genius
soon to rule the internet and world as Father Gaga

steve baer

Me and the beatles would pass Peter Noone all the time in London.
I remember one time studio 4 in burbank
Peter had Main Stage, He was God, to me and to everyone
else. The Bee Gees were in the corner somewhere, nobody gave
them any attention because our God was main stage Peter Noone and
boy, was he an entertainer. Lightning in a bottle
Peter outshined them all. Me and Peter have met many times
The hardest working man in show business
Ayhnum as always if any member of Ayhnum Akbar
should be caught or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge
of your action


No doctor needed today…….I am high as a kite….on my way to Huntington to see Herman!


I am lost and need to find a Concert sooner before Feb at Merrillville. I can’t seem to find one sooner and closer. So what should I do Dr. NoOne beside watching your video’s and listening to your CD’s.

Peter Noone

I would suggest an evening of Herman’s Hermits music and lots and lots of merriment in preparation for the Christmas season which is almost upon us, and you should get lots of rest before you have to deal with “FAMILY”!@!!


Dear Dr. NOone,
Could you please admit me into the HOKEY POKEY Clinic? I need to turn myself around.

Sweet Sue Ohio

Dear Dr NoOne;

Greetings from The North Pole! I have lost my sense of direction. Do you have room for one more in the HOKEY POKEY CLINIC? You could put in the same room as Lynn.


My right foot was placed in and out and shaken all about,but then it aquired a fungus from resocking.

Lady K

They say wisdom comes with aging, but often aging just comes by itself (boring old farts). Do you think that their brain circuitry (we’re talkin’ the farts) needs rewiring (daisy chain) or is it all over for them? Do tell Doc!

Peter Noone

Most gaseous disturbances are caused by gas and have no electric circuitry, so I would suggest you first relieve yourself then relive your 6os.


As I read this I discovered what’s troubling me is that I have strayed from my Noonaticishness with the busyness of life and now I realize that I have missed the fun and frolicking with you and my noonatic friends. I may have missed the boat as well. But I will try to be better in the coming year.

Peter Noone

The boat is always tied to the jetty, and all you have to do is “admit” you have strayed and you will be welcomed back with open alms.

New Orleans Fan

I’ve been waiting in line outside the Noone Shop for the Black Friday specials.

Alice M.

Dear Doctor Noone,
Many retailers have begun Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving Thursday. Do you think they have helped those of us who ate too much Thanksgiving feast by getting our exercise earlier racing to find the bargains, or are they tricking us into shopping while our brains are still half asleep from carb overload?

Peter Noone

Weight is over rated as a concept if one uses comparisons. Go take a look at the Walmart parking lot. Park your car far from the entrance. You will see that the people who park near the entrance are the ones who should be parking furthest away, perhaps in another state. You will begin to feel lighter by the minute. Trust me it works.

Ida M.

going crazy trying to get this Hermans Hermits greatest hits CD to my phone/MP3 player. Either there is a block on it or my phone or my computer one isn’t cooperating!!! I need a helium balloon.

Peter Noone

I can help you with the balloon but I cannot help you with your mp3 player. Thats stands for MiniPeter3 and I think I am 4.


That should say “Is there a cure for turkey leftovers?” Apparently I’ve had too much turkey and all I did was get prepare it for cooking! LOL


I can not post on the forum because my username is invalid. This often occurs with people from Alabama. Please have one of your orderlies enter Amanda and Lynn into all lifer contests in Florida. We understand it is selfish of us to want to win. (and we’re good with that.) :)

Peter Noone

Sorry to hear you are now invalid. I have no idea how the site works anymore than you do? I am a doctor and you know we all know nothing about the net just nurses!


Perhaps whilst touring in the UK during 2012 Dr. NoOne’s fees will be covered by NHS? Is there a form of anemia that is a deficiency of irony?

Peter Noone

I accept all forms of insurance including cash on the nosejob.
All forms of deficiencies are caused by a lack of something and in most cases I send the patient upstairs for electric shock therapy and a slap and a tickle.

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