Busy getting site back to Norman!

Texxx Support is back from vacation. John is also back form his sabbatical and his sciatica, so now the fun can re begin?

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I haven’t been able to join the fun here for quite a while because my blog posts aren’t showing up. :( Was I blocked for some reason??? This is another test to see if it shows up.


Roselyn, I’m having a problem, too. I cannot get logged on to the Forums as of June 28. I’ve never had a problem logging on before. When I enter my user name and same password that I always use, the system does not allow me to log on. I sent an email to Texx Support, and I hope he can help me soon. I need to post some info in the Forums about an upcoming concert.


I logged out, posted as a guest, and put my information back in, and I suppose something re-set, because I am now able to post on the blogs. As for as posting on the forums, everyone seemed to be having trouble yesterday, but it seems to be fixed now. When I couldn’t log-in, I was afraid I’d been booted off for some reason. LOL! Try posting now and see if it works. Maybe Texx fixed it. :)


Roselyn, I can now log in to the Forums! Thanks for the info. I’m glad you are able to post on the blogs now and forums now, too!
Thanks, Texx, for fixing our problems!


I want to get back to norman,too! A concert in Norman,OK would also be great!


Thanks Texx! BTW, did you ever dance with Fred Astaire? Just had to ask.

Andrea Sheffield

Thanks for fixing chat Norman, now I feel like a whole person again! Happy you are back!

Alice M.

Seems to be working Normanly today. Thank you sirs!!


Thanks for fixing the chat Texxx… I’ll try to come more often. I like how you can scroll up and see what went on earlier! I read you were in at 5:15 – 5:30 ish (pacific time)!

Sweet Sue Ohio

Norman the next time I see you, please remind me to kiss your feet (Please wash them first). Thank you for fixing things! You are terrific!

Miss Lou

Things are getting back to normal. My Heartbeat magazine has arrived! Thank you to all who helped put this together. What a fantastic magazine it is. Great job!! I even found myself and Fred in the Noonatic group picture on page 12 of the magazine.
Linda M.


Well I can get into regular chat……but what I type doesnt show up when I hit enter…………getting there


Just checked Pam its working now WHOOOOOHOOOOO!!! Thank you TEXX!!!!!


Things are still a little bit unNorman. I click on the forums and the concert dates come up!?


By the way the insta pics are gone from the front page are they suppose to be??


Norman is a very good thing amidst all the chaos around here lately. I’ve got a little bit of Norman in my life around home these days too. (Finally, the renovation dust has been vacuumed and I can set up my new digs….) Looking forward to lots of East coast concerts this summer ~ starting Saturday at the Sun. See ya there!

Alice M.

Hope the concert info forum is back soon… dinner plans for Ft. Worth will be posted as soon as they’re back…. keep 5pm open everyone!

Alice M.

Oops… that should say dinner plans for Ft. WAYNE!


whew thanks alice, wondered what happened to forums, and club chat


Sure hope the site goes back to normal soon. I tried to go to the forum but it just came up with the concert schedule dating back to a year ago which I find depressing to read as you had so many west coast concerts last year and there is hardly anything this year, not even the Cannery or the Canyon Club or Denver or Arizona(anything remotely western). I think I will go have a good cry.

Sweet Sue Ohio

Herman is Texx Support a s sisting Dr NoOne with surgery on the site? Or Dr NoOne as sisting Texx?

Sweet Sue Ohio

Please let me know if they need a scrub nurse.

Gail C

Norman, things appear to be good here, still crazy and fun as ever.

Claudia B

I love your facebook page . . . . but the really nice thing about this site is that you can write longer, more creative blogs. Probably a lot more work for you, but I hope you keep up with both locations!

Sweet Sue Ohio

Norman My Love! Remember that song? I can’t remember the girl who sang it. But nice to see you back! Can we help you get things whipped into shape?

Claudia B

Wasn’t that song “Freddy My Love,” sung by Frenchie, from the musical “Grease”?


Sue….the song is Norman My Love sung by Sue Thompson….you got me curious so looked it up on youtube.lol.

lexington linda

Norman…. ooooooh ooooh oooh ooooh oooh ooh!


Norman, you sure are a sight for my poor dilated eyes to behold! can’t wait to see what fixes (fixins?) await.


I can’t wait to hear more from Norman!
By the way, please tell Herman that the Newark concert was simply the BEST!


When you’re done with that… I have a few other things that need fixin! It would be nice to be back to Norman!


Hi Norman! Hey I am hopeful to see you at the Lorton Workhouse Arts theater in Va. soone! They asked for your booking agent information so I found it here and sent it along! Whoopie! Always exciting to see more of you!


I miss Norman….normal….whatever, but have patiently been waiting cause I know good things come to those who wait. Thanks for all that you do for us. Oh, and KT, I have so enjoyed seeing that cool photo when I log in…lol…lucky.

Karen (KT)

Glad to share it with you Gayle!!!!! hahaha I’ll miss it when it’s gone!


I am really missing CHAT! I hope we can get a better chat room more like the first one! I miss the Fun and all the chatters!


You know we all love you Norman when things are not Normal. It will be awesome to get back to Norman Normal again or Normal Norman. That is a tongue tied word. We all know you have been very busy And you know me trying to be very patient is very hard when things are not Normal! And also trying to wait patiently on going to your Concerts in between times.
(: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (:
As you can see I am happy when it is back to Norman.


I’ll be SO good to see Norman again! We’ve all been waiting patiently….


Fix those chatter matters,
Get that spam to scram,
Take Tulsa by Stormin’ Norman, Musical Request Conquest,
Then perhaps swing by Norman and Muskogee to make sure things are Okie Dokie elsewhere in the sensational Soone-R state!
The whirled loves having your talent on tour!


You forgot to mention Thackerville just South of Oklahoma City and in .
In Texas, it is also just an hour’s ride and on 35 from my place. It is the world’s second biggest casino is (or maybe that’s in N. America.) Plenty of free parking. (Besides, I can only ride to that one!)

June Bug

Back to Norman. Sounds good to me. We need a little normancy in our whirled.
Tell Herman that was a great concert in Newark.


Thanks, Peter! We know that Norman has been a bit busy of late! Patiently looking forward to efforts to right the site and bring it back to Norman! Not so patiently waiting for the show at Manson, WA on June 8th!!!!!!!! :-)


We all have to be patient I really think good things are a coming can’t wait:):) I just bet by the wisdom things are going to be bigger and better here I have faith…..yes I do:):)


So glad you/Texx/Norman are working on the site, although I personally have loved seeing the Insta Pic feature stay the same since the cool photo from Hot Springs Arkansas has been there for the last couple of months!!! Looking forward to the show in Tulsa on Friday – See you soonish!!!!

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