2013 is near


Hello all young and old alike.

It’s me Herman aka Peter Noone and I will be your leader for all of the new year and hopefully until we ALL get our social security cheques or an old age pension.

I hope you are all listening to my radio adventure on Sirius Xm?

I get to blab a bit and play lots of great music from the 60s. The channel is called 60s on 6 and most of the people who listen to it are in their 60s not 6!
Perhaps yo have an anecdote about something that happened to you in the 60s or when you were a teen, that has a song connected to the memory?

If you do tell me about it below. (name and town name and town), and if it is tittilating, or even just barely humorous I will chat about your moment on my radio show so all your friends will hear your secret!

Try to keep it clean and so will I!

My show is called ‘SOMETHING GOOD” and it is on at 5pm to 8pm EST which is 2pm to 5pm PST and 3pm to 6pm MST and 4pm to 5pm CST If you live in England you have to deduct 8 hours from PST and so on. You can all listen online or if you are in your car you will need SIRIUSXM or a steel plate in your head that can pick up satellite feeds and can exclude frequency modulations. If you are more confused now than you were before you started to read this, then you should rewind back to 1966 and buy an 8track recording machine and play all the Partridge Family Greatest Hits!

They are really fine recordings and David Cassidy is still a fab singer and quite sexy looking if you like that sort of thing!


Many of you may remember that my Mum auditioned to be in Herman’s Hermits and sadly didn’t make the final cut and when she did “Go to Hollywood” it was at her own expense and she was joined by all the Hermit Mum’s and Dads because they all played a musical instrument but were not able to dress like teenagers anymore. My Mum gave her tambourine away and next time we saw it, it was being held by my teen idol Davy Jones, who shook the shine out of it regularly to much joy to the world and whirled too!

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Hi there i am kavin, its my first occasion to commenting anywhere, when i read this piece of writing i thought i
could also create comment due to this brilliant article.


Ayup Peter …I would like to request Little Children by Billy J Kramer and have it dedicated to my sis Jane ( Whiterose) in Doncaster Yorks…. I have almost forgiven her for removing my prized poster of Herman and replacing it with one of Bobby Charlton in our shared bedroom … just as long as she doesn’t do it again !!! :)…


Hello Peter remember me. I was once your bass player in the Tremblers. Well I just wanted to say Happy New year and keep rockin’

Claudia B

Randy, I just love that album! Wish Peter would play some of the songs interspersed in his current concerts (like maybe “Steady Eddy” at his May concert in North Carolina, so I could enjoy it in person)! Only reason I can think of that you didn’t break out in the US in a big way was that you were following too closely on the heels of The Knack!?


Happy Noone Year, Peter! Love the fun concerts, the fun radio show on Sirius XM, this fun website – can a girl have too much fun? Well, then I definitely have this year!! Here’s to more fun in 2013!


Happy New Year Peter!
Question for you…what has happened to your chat room, no one there any more!

Love you,
Andrea from Michigan


Some of us have been in the chat room during Peter’s radio show on Saturdays, it’s been fun! :-)


Happy New Year Eve Peter!

Was wondering if we might get a End of Year update from you..like you have in the past

Always fun to look back at where you’ ve been and how many miles you traveled.

Look forward to many fun times in 2013…for me starting at Busch

Claudia B

Hi there!
Since I think I may have missed out on hearing “Dominique” . . . . how about playing this one? (Let’s see whether I can remember any of the lyrics):

Bleu, bleu, l’amour est bleu
Bleu est l’amour quand vous a ma coeur
Gris, gris, le monde est gris
Gris est le monde quand vous n’est ici
Noir, noir, les nuits je sais
Noir sont les nuits quand vous sont allee
Bleu, bleu l’amour est bleu
Bleu est l’amour quand vous a ma coeur!

Think Paul Mauriat might be rolling over in his grave at my rendition?
Is it hurting your brain to read this?? Please feel free to correct me — on air, if you must — but, please play it!?

Claudia B

By the way, guess part of that headache might stem from the fact that my nouns and verbs don’t match up???!


Hello Peter,
Missed your radio show last night, but I am sure you were awesome, while I was huddled up in my blanket watching TV and eating yummies!

Thinking about you at the same time!

Andrea from Michigan


Well, I tried t post the other day, but nothing posted. I can’t come up with an antidote from the 60’s as I was not born yet, but my parents “song” is Blue Moon by The Marcels. I also don’t have a fancy car that can get Sirius and I can’t afford an online subscription. I guess I should have written to Santa more, huh? Maybe I was a naughty girl this year. “I’m a good girl I am!” (think cockney accent) I will try the free week trial next week and listen to your show though. Perhaps I can scrounge up the fee somewhere, somehow once I finish paying off all those Christmas gifts I bought. – Patricia O.


Darn typo’s, *I tried TO post… and I clearly can’t spell ANECDOTE, and I call myself the grammar police. Heh. Antidote would be something better suited for Dr. Noone.


Hello Patricia and Peter,
I’m not sure about my elf classification (or any other) but I am working on having the program recorded due to my work schedule. I am sure there are others right on top of this, but use your free week Patricia, and if you would still like my help, I will be there…or here? And The Marcels STILL do a mean live version of ‘Blue Moon’. Spins, Twists, and leaps included.


Hi Shelley!

That would be great! Can’t wait to see The Marcels. I’m hoping if I sent them an e-mail I can get a shout out/dedication for my parents. They’ll be married 49 years in February.


Well Patricia, did you get to listen in on the program with your free week? Are you still interested in having me work out a program taping situation?


Hey Peter! I’ll be a certified Noonatic, okay that made me giggle, certified loon… never mind, once I am able to join the fan club. Great suggestion. I see Shelley has offered, so I’ll get in touch with her. Happy Nooneyear Peter!

Patricia (the girl from PA with the mum and the LP at the Uniontown concert)

I know you reply to all your e-mails (which I think is quite lovely). I sent one early on in December, I’m guessing you are backed up due to the holidays. Hope to hear from you soon.



Maybe you could tell listeners what it was like working on Laverne & Shirley. You can find the episode with Peter aka London online (with Eric Idle), but you can’t buy Season 6 on DVD yet. I love Laverne & Shirley, you can’t beat the shows of yesteryear.

Patricia O. – PA


My car (Traverse) has sirius capabilities but my husband doesn’t want us to incur another monthly bill, so I signed up for a free 7 day trial. After that time is up, I will decide whether or not I want to purchase it. However, I am able to listen to the show today on the internet. How sneaky is that! I never compared the beginning of “Raindrops are Falling on my Head” to the beginning of “Mrs. Brown you’ve got a Lovely Daughter” before, but there is a definite similarity. You are playing a lot of my favorite songs, but Raindrops is not one of them. I was in my high school band and Jr. college band, and although we were good, we overplayed this song because every band director seemed to love it. LOL! However, this is really something good! I love it!


I wish I could delete this rambly post. It sounds so stupid. I must have been tired. LOL!


At age 16, I had a crush on a handsome 17-year-old, blonde-haired boy who sat next to me in Sociology class in high school. This boy did not know I had a crush on him, however, he probably knew I liked him a lot. The Carpenters song, “Close To You,” was popular on the radio then. At the end of the school year at an awards ceremony we both attended, this boy put his arm around me and said goodbye. He was graduating from high school soon and was to start college in the fall. I never told him I had a crush on him. I was too shy. During the following school year when I was a senior, whenever I heard the song, “Close to You,” I thought about this boy. Awww…the memory of young love and music go hand-in-hand!

Claudia B

Okay, I’ve been listening to you and you’re playing some really good songs — just heard Tobacco Road, which I always loved — There was another song that I remember really liking when I was young (and since you don’t seem to be doing that many dedications, maybe I can just request that you play it) — the song was called “Sugar Shack”, out in 1963 (probably before the Brits took over), by somebody named Jimmy Gilmore.

Claudia B

Okay, you just played Lesley Gore . . . . she was related, by marriage, to the guy I worked for in the mid 70’s and she would occasionally stop by the office for a chat. Well, she owned a very large, standard poodle — apparently male — who apparently developed a crush on me . . . . . at every opportunity, he would rear up on his back legs, paws gripping my shoulders, and start attempting to do what male dogs must be programmed to do . . . . . the memory is 70’s vintage, but the song request is definitely 60’s . . . . . “You Don’t Own Me” by Lesley Gore. Please.
Claudia Barbieri, Alpharetta, GA

Claudia B

Okay, my first Siriusly Something Good experience is over . . . . very good line-up of songs (also, glad to see you managed to stick a little Righteous Bros. in there). Only question I have is since you’re the “personality” host . . . . why isn’t there a bit more of you in the show (unless that would entail too much work for you) . . . . Yes, people tune in to listen to the songs . . . . but, let’s face it, they can hear the same songs on this station the other 21 hours of the day . . . . isn’t the big draw YOU?? Can’t you give yourself more airtime — or are you contractually obligated to play a certain number of songs per show?

Claudia B

Rainy and cold here in Atlanta today (especially for a transplanted So. Californian — ah, well, the housing was a lot cheaper last year when I bought mine . . . unfortunately, it seems this year its cheaper still) . . . . which means lots of time spent indoors, waiting for my initial listening appointment with your Sirius show . . . .so, another 60’s memory?? The school year of 1968/69 was my senior year in high school . . . . and, by that time I had the fun of acting as Pres. of our school’s drama club. By that time, also, (4 years in) all of the school’s P.E. teachers had gotten to know me and my questionable capabilities in their various activities . . . . it seems that, at the beginning of the year, they all got together and, realizing the windfall of their opportunity in my drama club activity, made a deal with me that I only need spend a very few days in each 6-week activity sector — and they would give me a C grade across the board (they didn’t come to this agreement without a bit of experience . . . previously, I had accidentally hit someone in the backswing with my tennis racquet, swiped someone’s shoulder accidentally with my golf club and archery was a free-for-all, where everyone ducked for cover) the rest of the time I could build sets, paint scenery, rehearse — anything, as long as it was far away from the sports field. So, lets’ see . . . . what was one of the songs I loved that year? How about “Try A Little Tenderness” by 3 Dog Nite?? (Please!)
Claudia Barbieri, Alpharetta, GA

Karen (KT)

Since you weren’t a teenaged girl in Livonia Michigan in the 60’s you wouldn’t know the drama and angst of liking a boy but not knowing if he liked you so you’d call his house everyday and hang up if he answered, or hide behind the corner in the hallway by his locker just to see him walk by or go to 9th grade baseball games just to see him play. (They didn’t call it stalking in junior high!) Slow dances were the worst – hoping SOMEONE would ask you to dance – please play Never My Love or Cherish by the Association, 2 of the best slow dancing songs ever. This is for you ,Tom Cook , wherever you are!!!

Karen T, Oklahoma City OK (right by Norman OK where you and David Cassidy will be Feb 2! Whoopeedo!!)

Claudia B

Oh my, Norman! You’ll be in Norman, OK on Feb. 2nd? Just a hop, skip and a jump to come to Atlanta for my birthday the next day !


I grew up in a small town on Long Island, New York called Great Neck. I am sure you have not heard of it. It was such a dull place to grow up in the 60’s. My first introduction to music was the Beatles when they came to America in 1964. I was 11 going on 12. Then a year later Where the Action is aired on TV. My love for rock and roll began and is still going strong. the 60’s had the best music.

Your radio program is awesome. I just realized I had it included with Dish TV. When I was listening to the program, I was thinking wouldn’t it be cool if you played, To Sir With Love and you did. That was a great movie too.

Claudia B

Gosh, Peter, I’ve always heard the old adage that, if you really lived through the 60’s you don’t remember them . . . . I find that, once I started thinking about it, the memories keep on coming …….. During 8th grade, my favorite class was Speech (Drama). It was taught by a rather eccentric man named Mr. Smart. One of Mr. Smart’s eccentricities, of which I wasn’t particularly fond, was that he kept a pet tarantula, housed in a small glass enclosure, on a counter in the back of his classroom and, on certain Fridays, he would free the spider from its enclosure and let it roam the floor of the classroom (I assume to inspire new heights of emotion from his students, who were all standing on the top of the desks, screaming at the top of their lungs — or “yelling heartily” in the case of the boys). However, on those Fridays when we weren’t occupied with tarantulas, Mr. Smart was locally famous for holding lip synch contests. This was always great fun and, I guess, was instrumental in developing our mimicry skills (or at least in enhancing the mobility of our facial expressions). Of course, this being 1964/65, it was the height of the British Invasion and, so, most of the songs lip synched to were British imports. I loved these songs as much as the next guy; but, being the rather off-beat person I was, I wanted to be slightly different — to make sure I stood out . . . . Among my parent’s large collection of records were a couple by Elsa Lanchester, recreating her London music hall performances — and I felt that lip synching to these British songs (as well as a few from “My Fair Lady”) might set me apart as a dramatic force to be reckoned with. Well, it worked! Friday after Friday, I would assemble what I felt was an appropriate costume (mostly borrowed from my mother’s closet), smear my face with the appropriate look, make-up wise, and very dramatically, silently re-enact the great Ms. Lanchester’s performances. I think I remember my classmates, after their initial shock, getting a kick out of these rather weird performances; but I KNOW my teacher loved them . . . . . so much, in fact, that I used to look forward to most Friday afternoons as fun times of encore performances . . . . . as the wonderful Mr. Smart would give me notes, extracting me from the rest of the day’s classes — at least for the time it took to perform for each of his remaining classes! Set me on course for two of my life-long loves — music and drama (maybe, also, for attracting as much attention as possible). So, what happened to the discerning Mr. Smart? Well, seems he had musical ambitions of his own . . . . . he cut a single (I believe he may have paid for it himself) which I remember as a blatant rip-off of “Kookie, Kookie Lend Me Your Comb” with a bit of an homage to The Big Bopper thrown in and, at the end of that school year, took himself off to London . . . . . . Unfortunately, I do remember hearing gossip, months later, that he may have been forceably removed from the country . . . . . also, unfortunately, he was not asked to resume his teaching position . . . . . perhaps he had left the tarantula behind, in the classroom, when he departed? In Mr. Smart’s memory, would you please play Roger Miller’s “England Swings” (I know, not my favorite either)?

Claudia B

Uh oh! Just re-read this in the bright light of day and its pretty bad! Sorry!!


Claudia, were you ever involved in any community theater groups? I was, and LOVED doing musicals. It sounds like you would be good at this. It keeps you busy, but is loads of fun and I think you would enjoy it. Straight plays are fun too, and are less work.

Claudia B

How nice of you to comment, Roselyn and what a great suggestion! I really need to venture out and do something stimulating with myself — though don’t know how very interested anybody will be in having an almost 62 year old, very rusty player around! One of the really nice things I’ve found about Georgia is how very nice and polite everyone is . . . . . maybe they’d even be too polite to discourage me!


I grew up outside of Detroit Michigan, but the rest of my family were all from Tennessee. Country music (or Bluegrass or Gospel) was all I heard until I started listening to the popular music my friends listened to. I was excited to hear the Beatles when they first came to the US, but Herman’s Hermits became my favorite group. The Loving Spoonful was one of my favorite American groups, especially when they sang “Nashville Cats”. It made me think of my relatives! :)

Thank you Peter!
Eunice (from Cincinnati)

Linda Iowa

Hi Peter, When I lived in Chicago in the late 50’s & early 60’s I would rush home from school to watch Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. Then my family moved to the Quad-Cities & for some reason I didn’t watch the show as often. Then the Beatles landed & the Briitsh Invasion took over the airwaves. One of my fav songs was Chad & Jeremy’s “A Summer Song” because that meant summer concerts & time to see my favorite bands! So could you play that song sometimes? I will have to figure out how to listen to Sirius online. Thanks from Linda in Davenport, Ia


My first summer in Connecticut, my father took my best friend and I into NYC to the second Shea Stadium Concert by The Beatles. ‘Paperback Writer’ (or PApa-bak RIt-a; as Paul announced) had just been released, and was presented as their newest single. I will present my father’s side of things later.


The Day the Music Died, Part 2 (MTV version)

Peter, this unique ’60s request is dedicated to those of us from the original MTV generation…those kids, like myself, who were brought up in front of a TV, not a radio. Thinking back to the ’70s television era of Happy Days, Donny and Marie, etc.–its easy to see what happened: a musical vacuum was created, and you and your British Invasion counterparts came crashing through once again when the world paused to listen to Beatles music in Dec 1980. It was raw, real, and revolutionary…and my elementary school in Moorhead, MN, was buzzing on the energy like it was the ’60s. Please play “I Want to Hold Your Hand” for those of us that tapped into its magic a few months before MTV took over. My amusing memory of this time was our 5th grade class, trying, unsuccessfully, to play the song in music class with heavily sanitized and foul smelling recorders. I recall tooting away, thinking, “We stink…this blows!”


I still haven’t arrived at a radio friendly version of this request…but it has been fun writing:)


The songs we now consider the “Oldies” from the 60s were all so shiny and new and vinyl when i was a girl! I walked around with my transistor radio with the one earphone in my ear, usually dancing in my bedroom or on the back porch, when I was supposed to be washing the dishes or doing my homework. I loved the music so much I started joining fan clubs of the many artists I adored, and sent them fan mail and entered contests and collected every issue of 16 and TigerBeat. My bedroom walls were papered in photos of said artists, foremost among them, of course, was Herman! I got a letter back one fine day, from Herman’s fan club offices in New York City….I went a bit bonkers upon opening it, because they said that Herman would like me to start up a fan club chapter in my area…I BECAME THE CHAPTER PRESIDENT!!! My newly boosted self esteem, my inner and outer beauty, and my go go boots then took me on many concert adventures…to see the Beatles, and meet Herman’s Hermits, The Byrds, The Young Rascals, The Lovin Spoonful, The Hollies, Simon and Garfunkel, and dozens more! I cherish those memories and I’m forever a lifer in only ONE fan club still today….Herman’s Hermits starring Peter Noone….the fun fab fan club, best of all!
As for a song to go with this story, I’d love to hear “Do You Believe in Magic?” by the Lovin Spoonful…it always brought me good luck!


BTW, I live in Little Elm, Texas and I listen to Sirius XM online, mostly on my iPhone (there’s an app for that!).
I will see you, Herman, at the Winstar Casino with David Cassidy….a two fer one happening event!


Hello Dear Peter,

Many years ago, in the mid-sixties, my friends in the* hood* and I decided that it would be a good idea to have an HH fan club. And so, we would meet once a week or so (my, in my HH sweatshirt with the blue lettering) and establish a newsletter which we would deliver to each household in the neighbourhood… talking about Herman’s Hermits and where they would be appearing. in the summer. We were not an “official” fanclub but we loved you all the same.

Alice M.

The Beatles became very popular when I was in the 4th grade. Most everyone I knew liked Paul or John, so I chose George to be my favorite Beatle, undoubtedly because I felt he needed me as a fan. I wanted to request a Beatles song that I don’t hear on the radio much called For No One. I was reading a book called Tall Tales of the Beatles, and there is a story in there that the song was written for Peter Noone, as the Beatles were fans of Herman’s Hermits. Could you share what you know about that story?

Alice Mehlenbacher, Detroit, Michigan

Claudia B

WOW!! Always knew you were a good ole boy at heart!! Maybe you could print up some flyers with your name and your booking agent’s phone number and the picture of that jacket on it and send it around the South . . . . I’m sure you’d have every venue in Georgia clamoring to book you!!


The Day the Music Died, Part 2 (12” maxi version)
Time: Dec 8, 1980
Place: Moorhead, MN…I was 10
Background: Unfortunate circumstances, but the passing of John Lennon introduced the legacy of great ‘60s music to another generation, which included me. Before then, this music was hovering beyond the periphery of my existence: out there, but I was unaware. At school the next day (just blocks from the Armory, which is where Buddy Holly’s next gig was supposed to be, after Clear Lake, IA), my music teacher played “Eleanor Rigby” (McCartney?) as a tribute, and I recall going to several friends’ houses after school, looking for the song in our parents’ lp collections. We didn’t find it, but there were other musical treasures, and I soon sought out radio stations to hear more and more…I haven’t stopped.
Funny Bit: The next thing you know, my music teacher had us (5th graders) playing “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and “She Loves You”…with recorders! By then, I knew how the songs were supposed to sound (out-of-this-world amazing), and I also knew that the 6th graders got to play the same two tunes with real rock gear: ukuleles!—so, after we dipped our recorders into the sterisol germicide bucket, sterilizing things for our lame attempts at Beatle magic, I recall putting the recorder between my lips and thinking, “This blows.”


I know this is a long story, so I’ll try to polish things up in a shorter version…just in case it has some “Something Good” potential…

Lady K/ Ms. Cupcake

Only in the last couple years did I discover that David Cassidy was really BIG in the U.K.
I grew up on the Partridge family …….and this has nothing to do with a pear tree!! I WANTED TO BE IN THAT FAMILY!!!! I even have a purple velour vest in case I ever have to be one! Anyhoot……l look forward to hearing your new Rad show…….someday……it’s always good to have some-ting to look forward to………down that long and windy road….

Lex Linda

Hi Peter

Being a teen in the 60’s in Port Huron Michigan meant being very influenced by the motor city, the music and the cars. I admit I sometimes…. actually much of the time…was influenced by which car a boy drove in deciding if I would date him! Please play “Mustang Sally.” for me. Thanks,
Linda Greenwell, Lexington, Kentucky


I feel very fortunate to been a teen in the 60s..we had the best music ever. I lived in a small town, but it was big enough for all the groups to come through…including Herman’s Hermits..twice!

Remember seeing The Yardbirds and was struck by Jeff Beck’s playing. Months later they came back with this guy with tons of curly hair..at the time I had no idea who Jimmy Page was.

Do you have a favorite Yardbird song?

Claudia B

Okay, never one to give up without a fight . . . . .My boyfriend during my senior year in high school was a lovely guy . . . but very accident prone. He crashed his car so often that the body shop put aside its oldest loaner car for his use . . . and, he would invariably crash that one, too, while his own car was being fixed! His father refused to let him drive his car and my father, who had one or two other reservations about him, of course laid down the law about his even thinking of driving one of our cars. Anyway, the Fall of 1968 was a rather wet one. South Coast Plaza was brand new and my boyfriend and I had gone to do a little pre-Christmas shopping. We had taken my Dad’s little VW bug (I drove — his car was in the shop and the bodyshop had finally withdrawn loaner approval) and, conveniently, I had found a parking space only about two cars back from the entrance. Well, by the time we emerged from the mall it was raining heavily and, since we had no umbrella and I have naturally curly hair, my boyfriend chivalrously offered to run the few yards in the rain and pull the car up to the entrance . . . . . he was only going to be driving a couple of yards, surely we could get away with this and my father would be none the wiser!! Not so. As I recall, he backed into a small Mercedes patiently waiting to take his parking place. Wasn’t a big crash . . . . just noticeable on the tinny little VW. I can’t even begin to describe how furious my father was and how much less he admired my boyfriend after that . . . . and what was playing on the still working radio, in the rain?? “Suzy Q” by Steppenwolf . . . . does this merit a play?


My kids grew up in my House of Music. Per my daughter: “I thought everybody had 60’s music playing all day.” I apparently had room for improvement though. My son came home from 6th grade excitedly claiming, “My music teacher taught us the BEST song today.” Then he proceeded to hum the melody and begin the lyrics. I smiled, laughed, and responded, “You want to hear the original on record?” “YOU HAVE THIS SONG? YOU ARE THE COOLEST MOM EVER!” The song was ‘I Think I Love You’ by The Partridge Family. That was the beginning of our garage being turned into a massive stereo unit so that my kids and their friends could play the records of “the coolest mom ever.”

Claudia B

Okay, I’m assuming that you did receive my previous requests/anecdotes and they were either fine or you’re a glutton for punishment; so . . . . . Growing up in Tustin, in Orange County, CA in the 1960’s, a small town clustered amidst miles and miles or orange groves (and just to the west, in Costa Mesa, acres of lima bean and sugar beet fields) did have its little perks. Every year, in October, the City of Tustin held a weekend celebration of parades, carnival rides and street fairs, called Tustin Tiller Days (I believe the original name, back in the 1920’s had been the Tustin Farmers, but the City Fathers had romanticized the name and added an image of a heavily muscled young farmer — dressed as fashionable during the 1700’s — overseeing a horse and plow) . . . . they usually offered a Battle of the (local) Bands, as added entertainment; but, during the celebration in the Fall of 1966, they came up with a special treat . . . . they had corralled the Nitty Gritty Dirt (Jug) Band (playing for little more than exposure, I’m sure) to play in the cordoned off intersection in downtown Tustin . . . . . so for that little memory, would you please play their version of “Mr. Bojangles”?? Thanks!
Claudia Barbieri, Alpharetta, GA


My request is “The Letter” by the Box Tops, and I have a story from my teenybopper years. When I was in 6th grade, my friends and I were “Monkee Maniacs” and we were in love with Davy Jones. “The Letter” had just hit the charts and one of our classmates told us that she loved the song because of the line “Holy Davy Jones, I’m a-comin’ home (my baby must have wrote me a letter”). We all immediately went out and bought the 45 ;-) Some 40 + years later I still love the song and substitute “Holy Davy Jones” for the “Lonely days are gone” part everytime :-) So if you could play it I’d love it and I’ll be singing along……

Jill Carroll
Noonatic/ Yakima, WA


My story is that my mom took me to see American Graffiti when it came out and I loved the music. Had to have that sound track. Then my sister found a station in Toronto playing the songs of the 50’s and 60’s. Then I found I station in the 70’s playing all the same music. I fell asleep many nights lishtening and taping all the songs. I always loved Herman’s Hermits because they really stood out, you really knew these guys were British, like Mike McCartney and Eddie and Sunshine. Those were good times, discovering all this fab music. I still love it now as much as I did then.

June Bug

Tommy James and the Shondells song I Think we are alone Now brings back memories.There is a line in the song , children behave. Right before Jerry and I got married we started looking for an apartment. We found one. We stopped by Jerry’s parents house one day before going to the apartment to do a little work. Jerry’s mom said -” you two behave now”. Every time I hear that song by Tommy I think about that.
June Newsome – Burlington, N. C.


“The End of the World” was a favorite slow dance song at school dances. :)


OOPS! Roselyn O’Brien, Monongahela, Pennsylvania. I don’t have Sirius Radio yet, but will try to listen on the internet, if possible. I’ve been wanting to hear the program.


When I was12-years from-old, before I knew who “Herman’s Hermits” were, I started a Man from Uncle fan club at my school. As a “requirement” of the club, we had to watch “The Man From Uncle” every Friday night, write down some quotes and notes, and we would meet Mondays at recess to giggle and discuss our notes – especially scenes involving David McCallum. We even started writing our own silly but fun “scripts” and plays while pretending to do schoolwork. We chose “secret” spy names from the show or from our fave singing groups, and mine was Illya Kuryakin, which was David’s character’s name. But then, I heard Herman’s Hermits on the radio one day and was intrigued. Then, I began to see your pic everywhere, and hear you speak on the radio and some TV shows and was even more intrigued and became a huge fan. I even changed my spy name to “Herman” The club lasted for 2 years, my secret spy name remained Herman, and I’ve never stopped being a fan, and never will. :)


Roselyn O’Brien, Monongahela, Pennsylvania. I forgot to add the most important part of my story. When my friends saw what a huge fan of Herman’s Hermits I had become, they began listening to them and became fans too. We all loved your music, as well as the song, “Secret Agent Man” (girls) because after all, we were spys. LOL!

Peter Noone

that will work
I search for a reason to play anything by johnny rivers having never been a fan of his music but of the original versions of all his hits except this one which I think is an original by him for a change


I don’t have any especially amusing or entertaining, but a few songs that for odd reasons always bring back teenage memories. I always went ice skating and rollar skating especially on weekends to hang out with friends and Blue Velvet always reminds me of ice skating and Kind of a Drag reminds me of rollar skating. Rollar skating was as big as skate parks are now. Fun Fun Fun brings every memory of high school driving. One car for family so I did say I needed to go to library for school and then cruised our “loop” of main streets downtown and then down our main street to other end of city to drive in for fries and coke. Also Sea Cruise brimgs memories as I demonstrared the dance of the Swim for my parents when playing the new Hermans Hermits album I got for Christmas that year.

Barbara NYC

I’ll need a little more time to share a 60’s memory that might be tittilating or at least barely humorous…..I was hoping, in the meantime, that YOU could tell us who lost their head and/or hair in Malibu on Christmas. Pretty sure that would qualify as more than barely humorous! HNY, H.

Claudia B

Hi there! Are you sure you want the anecdotes here, as opposed to at Herman @Herman’s Hermits.com? A couple of weeks ago I sent several to that address . . . . but, as I haven’t succumbed to Sirius as yet, don’t know whether they were useful to you or whether you even received them?! If they were useful, I’ll have to try to remember some more . . . . . in the meanwhile, a little interesting tidbit that doesn’t have anything to do with me and may have missed falling into the 60’s by a year or so . . . . . but, did you know that the impetus (or muse, if you will) behind Kris Kristofferson’s song “Me and Bobby McGee” was Guilietta Massina’s performance in Fellini’s “La Strada”?? Who woulda thunk?? Pretty interesting factoid, no??

Peter Noone

hello claudia
they need to be about something my listeners can relate to and I don’t think they are interested in music I don’t play…..eg got a request from a noonatic who was a soldier in Vietnam in the 60s and he requested we gotta get out of this place
if you don’t have sirius then you don’t know how my show works anyway!

Claudia B

Okay . . . . . I really hate being accused of being unable to understand something . . . . besides, this seems to be really important to you (in addition to sounding like a lot of fun to listen to) . . . . so I’ve gone ahead and subscribed. Hopefully, I’m not going to be blasted with three hours of The Partridge Family and their like (tho, since they were TV creations and their show didn’t start airing until 1970, technically, I really shouldn’t have to worry about that)! Anyway, looking very much forward to hearing you ‘splain yourself!!

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