Happy 2013


Woke up this morning feeling fine. I hope you all did too, because this year is going to be a busy and fun one, and you will need lots of energy to keep up with the programe!

I will keep you updated as things start to happen ok?

Peter Noone

Ps Don’t forget to suggest ideas and anecdotes about YOU for my show every Saturday on Siruis 60s on 6!

Watch out for dates with my Teen Idols friends David Cassidy and Micky Dolenz. We will be doing a couple of shows together so watch out for us playing near you in 2013.

Herman’s Hermits Starring Peter Noone have more and more dates coming in every day, so a big thank you for all your support. We will always wear them!

Anyone who has seen this show will testify. Great fun and enthusiastic playing all around.

Union Jack Black T-shirt

We have a new Herman’s Hermits 2013 Tee shirt with all the dates listed on the back so they are all ready to go.

They come in Black or White or as Paul McCartney calls them “Black or White!

You can get one in the shop and they are mailed instantly so you have one for the next concert you got to. I am hoping to see hundreds of them at the Teen Idols Concerts so I will be able to spot you from the stgae amongst all the screaming hordes of David Cassidy and Micky Dolenz fans?

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hi peter we got your tickets last friday for fallsveiw .glad we drove and took off of work. we were second in line and got 6th roll. luckey almost sold out for saturday night .see you soon your fans from rochester bernice and bill .


Jane, again. That’s meet and greet! not meet and great!


OMG, you’re coming back to Tulsa! Your Arkansas girls, Jane and Lynn, will be making our (now) annual pilgrimage to River Spirit Casino. Will have to change that to the Hermantage. Will bring my great picture of us with you and Gary Puckett to show you how we(you and I) look like bro and sis. Bummer for me but oh well. Hope to see you in May! Really hope we can do the meet and great again, too!

Your Noonatic,


Took in your show on Sirius XM this evening, and it was awesome as usual. Tonite you were speaking of sneaking out of the house after everybody went to bed and riding your bike to the nite club, being only 17 years old, and watching the Supremes play (you had also addressed appearing with them on American TV) and several other times spent with musicians who are still playing today in different bands.. Another awesome show Mr. Noone. I so enjoy listening to your experiences back in the days when I used to listen to you all on the radio, and play your records. Just wanted to say, you have a fantastic show on Sirius 60s on 6, and keep up the great job!


Has anyone heard when tickets go on sale for Peter’s shows at Fallsview Casino in July? I can’t find anything at Ticketmaster, Fallsview’s web page, or I’ve even tried my local Ticketmaster in person.


hi october just get on peter noone website tour around the world 2013 click on concerts and fallsveiw will come up for the date you want hit buy tickets and you should be able to pick your seats good luck .


hi peter just seen your show on wxxi it was great to see all the past groups again great to support wxxi also see you soon at fallsveiw your fans bernice and bill from rochester

Linda Iowa

Hi Peter, your picture with Conor sure put a smile on my face. Have a good time tonight in Merrillville. Sure wish I could be there but that ole flu bug has taken its toll at work & there are only 3 of us who can work today!!!


I’m sorry I can’t get into the chat room. It doesn’t like my domain but I like my apartment!! I will try to figure out how to get back in. I do miss the chat room.


Hello Shelagh I have to use two web browsers to operate Peters web site IE for the main site and Firefox for the chat room. I have know idea whats up with that deal it seems to work both ways for some people with just one browser. Peters main web site does not work at all for me with Firefox but it does for some shaking my head with that. I know Texxx has been trying to get everything to work for everyone but some have been running into road blocks :( :( Question Shelagh what web browser do you use ??


Hi, SK. I’ve been using Firefox and have had no trouble with either the website or the chatroom. I probably shouldn’t have said that because now it’s bound to go wrong….I have found that my iPad does not work for the chatroom. No log-in box comes up.


Hello Rhoni I had my son here over Christmas and he is a computer geek. I told him of my problem here and he tried to work things out for me but he just could not figure it out. With IE I can’t get a log in box but on Firefox I can like I said over on the forums I have a love hate towards the internet.I know I am making people scratch their heads with all this but thats the way it is Rhoni.


peter were are you i think we lost your web site . i think it became as the world turns around claudia .peter i know your busy but i find you a lot more interesting about your life and things you did as a kid then some people if you know what i mean .good luck on your tours .see you soon your fan b and b

Claudia B

Hi there, Peter . . . . another petite memory and accompanying song request: Seems I had a reputation, up to my senior year in high school as a ‘goody two shoes.’ Well, that changed somewhat during that year . . . . though school officials were somewhat slow to catch on or lay blame at my feet . . . this was the year that I developed a relationship with the guy with the unfortunate luck with cars, whom I’ve mentioned previously . . . . the multiple crashing of cars may have symbolized that he liked drama in his life . . . . and that is exactly where I met him — in Drama class. He was new in school, quite charismatic and pretty good at effortlessly drawing attention to himself (not all good) and, it seemed that, by 17 he was pretty bored with classes and ready to move on to new adventures . . . . truancy figuring prominently in the excitement . . . . when we weren’t rehearsing for school plays, he liked to ditch classes and drive up to Hollywood to ‘cruise’. Before too long, slowly becoming more adventurous and, keeping in mind my ambitions to become a great dramatic actress (therefore, my future must lie on Hollywood Blvd) . . . . I started accepting his invitations to skip classes and venture up to Hollywood. Well, unauthorized skipping of classes involved the writing of notes and the forging of parental signatures (something this guy’s previous high school had noted in his transcripts) . . . . not being a very accomplished forger and an even worse liar, when questioned, I blew the scam within a couple of weeks. It was late in the school year when we were found out and, given my prior reputation as a ‘goody two shoes’ and the fact that I was due to graduate with some kind of academic award . . . . . the school authorities were loathe to believe that I had acted of my own free will . . . . I was let off scot-free, while all the blame was piled on the poor guy, who was not allowed to attend graduation ceremonies. Anyway, what song best suited my frame of mind during this period when I was starting to rebel and straddling the line between the new enticement of sex and desperately trying to hang onto my ‘good girl-ness’ and virginity? The Rolling Stones’ “Let’s Spend The Night Together” — would you please play it?
Claudia Barbieri
Alpharetta, GA

Lady K/Ms Cupcake

And if this is a petite memory…..I’d hate to see a long one!!! AHHHHH!!! The trials and tribulations of youth!!! Do you keep a journal Claudia????

Lady K/Ms Cupcake

I am not trying to be mean or disrespectful Claudia……….but you must remember that only YOU find your stories fascinating…….people come here to hear about Peter Noone and the 60s happenings . The odd long story…..fine……but I mean…..this has gotten way out of hand. I just can’t believe that you…….who likes to appear so ‘literary’ CAN ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE THIS UNDISCIPLINED AND SELF-ABSORBED. Do you have a degree from a University?!……….cause any University I know would teach you this kind of self-awareness…..and how not to write so FLOWERY!!! and LONG- WINDED…….. Do you know what I mean??!!
I am writing this to be helpful……..not critical………..it just seemed that someone had to pump up the volume …….so you understand!!! ;)
Be Happy Girl !!!!! And find a new focus before life passes you by…………….

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