The Very Reverend Sung Long Noone


As we welcome a new “Il Papa” I thought that I should come and say hello from all of us faithful up here at the Monstery!

Looking ahead to a week tip-toeing on the brim of Hades,I thought I should come forth or third and tell you about my fears and shortcomings about whatever it is I have agreed to do with myself and others.

the Rev2

Above you can see me performing Respighi’s Church Windows, which is not what I will be doing this week.

When people use the words “wing it” I try to find an idiom that fits but all I find is idiots and twits, but this may be my lack of humility showing itself to myself when I am not looking!

If there be solace to be found I think it is in Schenectady which I can’t say without tittering and this is forbidden due to my oath and Meatloafs’ too.

Instead of googling all these new words just go look at any church windows from the inside.
If you have a Walkman you are too old to get to the church, but if you have anything that can play music then go play it at a church to YOURSELF.

Preferably with a headset or headphones, but if you can listen to Respighi without any devices then you are probably half way there now!

I love the new Pope’s name, and it reminds me of one of the Monstery co- kneelers who calls himself St. Francis of Asbestos. He was always a bit of his rocker which he sits in for hours at a time in reflection.

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So nice to see you here again, Rev. I fondly remember many nights in the chat monstery where I giggled and tittered late into the night or early morning. They were fun times :)


Peter, it was so awesome hearing you being interviewed on WISN Milwaukee on the Mark Belling Radio show about the cruise that WISN is having and you doing a concert in Fort Lauderdale in Feb 2014 for just the cruise people before taking off. The only thing is that I wish I was going on the cruise.


Hi Reverend,

This is a happy time with spring break and Easter and expecting to be a first time grandma in 4 months. Can you say a prayer for my daughter, Jillian? Three months after the miscarriage last year, she is pregnant again. She is now 18 weeks and I am praying with all my heart that she will have a healthy baby due at the end of August.


I’m not of the cloth, but I happy to add my prayers for your daughter’s healthly baby.


Dearest Reverend, all of this is making sense to me….should I be happy or worried????? ;-)

Peter Noone

I sometimes wear the hula to amuse the faithful who have been under a cloud caused by those Shenanigans, who insist on causing trouble not unlike the Hooligans from the same place.


hi peter will you be wearing your robe at fallsveiw oops or do i call you father long that just dose not fit you your fans always b and b

Peter Noone

I will be wearing a suit and tie s Peter Noone and Herman. The Very Reverend will be at the border crossing although he never does!


I have a simple question for you, Reverend Sung Long Noone. Do you wear leather trousers under your robe? :)


Ill give you a call………but i always carry bail money………:)

Karen (KT)

I had hominy during the Pope’s heartfelt humble homily. Now onto March Madness ……..looking for some guidance in filling out my bracket. Which device do you think will offer the best advice? It’s a must to avoid the idioms and twits for such an important task. Your robes are lovely.

Peter Noone

Take two aspirins and go to bed and say 10 Hail Marys and then say the Credo in Unum Deum in Latin with no mistakes. That should keep you out of trouble for a few years.


Rev. Noone-Please pray for your faithful flock up at the monestery cause we are stuck on H E N R Y….and we repeat this over and over …..instead of saying Dominus Vobiscum and the second verse is the same as the first. It’s the incense that has caused us to be off our rocker but Betty White says it’s ok.


If you find yourself walking around the edge of Hades, you need to be the saint of fire prevention. Or just walk on the brim of your hat, which won’t matter if it is already made out of crushed velvet. I am sure you will find peace in Schenectady (tittering overheard due to word ‘Schenectady’) Twits and idiots will be there, but won’t come to the concert. We will all behave at Schenectady(tittering heard again) and will prove that if you must wing it at any point in your life, it will only feed you and prove that wings (as in Paul McCartney and Wings) is not just for former Beatles (or angels).


Lady K/ Ms Cupcake

I do really love your fears and shortcomings @ the Monstery……and especially live @ your shows. And, of course, your grass skirt and Hoola Hoola… those dance steps!

Alice M.

Parson, Sage, Rosary and Wise. That is you in a nutshell, Reverend. I am waiting beneath the church windows straining to hear your words of wisdom. Perhaps I should enter to hear them better. Inside or out, I am clearly in need of Time with the man of the Versace cloth. I hope to see you in concert soon.


Rev Noone, good to see you back. Happy that this house of music has a leader who young and joyful. I am hoping to attend a music service sometime this summer.

Claudia B

By the way, Father, while you’re thinking about what you’ve agreed to do with yourself and others . . . . . I hope that, at least within this one activity, you’re not being inclusive of the little children . . . . . I believe that may cause you to tip, just a bit, to the side of Hades and may have caused a bit of the Church’s downfall in El Norte . . . . . just a thought, Father, part of my prayer that you are able to keep your hands busy . . . . perhaps with the cleaning of some of Respighi’s Church Windows . . . . . .

Claudia B

OMG, Father . . . . forgive me, but here I’m sorry to admit you disappoint me just a bit . . . . I was under the impression that the Church was all knowing and all forgiving (just as long was I was willing to put in some heavy — or creative — self-flagellation) . . . . or, could it mean that you are so used to ministering to your flock that you have lost the habit of introspection??? Please, I believe a bit of guidance is required here . . .

Peter Noone

I don’t think you understand what is going on here. Perhaps you should seek medication rather spiritual guidance?


I think its because she is new to the flock The Very Reverend Sung Long Noone.


Rev. Noone, It is so nice to see you back up at the Monstery.You must have been praying for all of us twits With me being one of your Twits and Fans and you being higher up now not sure if you can help me. I have not been to a Concert since Jan. and cannot make one till May in Kentucky to Abbey Road but I am always Trying to be Just A Little Bit Better and Into Something Good so You can Hear My Heartbeat.


Holy Smokes, Rev….you have quite a sophisticated flock here. I prefer the British/American Trilogy of Noone, Dolenz & Cassidy, which will be gracing the hallowed halls with no stained glass windows, but some very bright shiny machines which sometimes spit out money ;-) They will be singing hymns of joy in Schenectady and later at Snoqualmie and Chumash where their followers will fill the pews. Peace and blessings on your grass skirt and leather pants, I mean, on your frock and vestments ;-)

I once worked for St. Francis of Farmers Insurance, BTW……

Barbara NYC

No worries, Rev. Solace can definitely be found in Schenectady. Respighi may have been known for his Roman trilolgy; I prefer my Roman trilogy: pignoli, cannoli and cream puffs. They can all be found at the local Schenectady patisserie. Sure beats meatloaf, unless you are concerned about your reflection.

Claudia B

Ooooh, Barbara . . . . . I LOVE pignoli!! I could eat them by the ton — until I became as big as one of Respighi’s Church Windows!! But, do you think that some of those pignoli may have fallen from his Pines of Rome?????

Claudia B

Oh mein Papa, its good to see you back again!! You say you’re performing Respighi’s Church Windows . . . . maybe you should change out of such splendid vestments and, instead, CLEAN Rspighi’s Church Windows to get the sap from his Pines of Rome off them!? And the monstery Father Asbestos — he must have placed his rocker in front of some of Respighi’s very clean Church Windows, as you say he basks in their reflection! Sorry, Father, I’ve just returned from an awfully loooong HOA Board of Directors Meeting and my mind is rather numb . . . . I’ll work on my contrition and get back to you . . . . .


Dear Rev. Noone, You look confident and ready to guide your flock of followers to a better way of life — just as Pope Francis plans to do! Hearing Ottorino Respighi’s Italian music played during mass would be soothing to our soul. We know you’ll be careful tip-toeing on that brim near Hades this week, too. Peace be with you, dear Reverend.


Welcome back Reverend..where have you been?

As you roam the halls of the Monstery..have you bumped into Father Down..
Surely he has served all his penances..and will take confessions again..


If you indeed find yourself walking on the brim of Hades, it will be imperative to be St Francis of Asbestos. Otherwise, simply walk on the brim of your hat. If it is crushed velvet, it will make no nevermind. I am confident you will indeed find solice in Schenectady. (what’s that tittering sound?) Twits and idiots, though in abundance, should not be in attendance. And Schenectady ( what IS that tittering sound?) with all its saintly in a gathering gaggle will prove that ‘winging it’ is not just fodder (or mudder) for ex-Beatles. Amen


Funny stuff…You two seem to be cut from the same cloth. As they say, “Bards of a feather schtick together.”


…on a wing and a prayer:
I, for one, ought to get on my knees, face east to Macca, and
praise Sir Silly Love Song for putting Linda in the band…bold move!
Loved her harmonies, agreed?


My Love and everyone else’s most assuredly benefitted from his feet of darren. But let us not egress too macca here, His cloth hangs across the pond


Dearest Shelley

I have read your comment over and over again could you please interpret what you have said here. Sandra Kay has a very hard time understanding some things and this is one of them. Don’t think you were under the influence of spirits like his holliness said there. I think you just have a whole new language all to yourself :)

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