The Doctors Orders

Peter Noone Now.

Peter Noone Now.

Lots of people are asking me whatever happened to the old fat Peter Noone of the early 21st century, and I am here to tell you that I put him on a diet. A simple diet that anyone can do without spending a load of money on special food in packets that tastes like talcum powder.

All Peter Noone had to do was forego the 7 Almond Joys he ate whenever he was staying in a hotel and they had sold all the `Snickers out of that machine that they put on the floor near your room, so you can sneak out of your room in your undies and hope you are not accidentally locked out and have to go to the lobby and try to get a new room key without an ID.

I made him drink lots of water, so he had to do lots of walking to and from the bathrooms of the Western Hemisphere and on the plane.

All his meals had to exclude bread, potatoes,no sugar, anything white, and no dessert. Even deserts made out of bread,potatoes and sugar were off limits.

Incredible NoOne listened and dropped 31lbs and became almost normal looking.

Incredible NoOne listened and dropped 31lbs and became almost normal looking.

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Les R Bowman

Peter, Here is one for u – Do u remember touring Centre in the Square , and or Lulu’s – Kitchener Ontario about 30 years ago ?? Lol

I was the bartender at the Valhalla Inn u were staying there while touring ??

I introduced to a drink called the ” French Kiss ” Do u remember ? We both concurred Brits were good and the drink was a touch of class ! Lol


Peter, I saw you last night with Mickey Dolanz in concert at Spirit Mountain Casino in G.R. Oregon. I thought you looked terrific .. you gave a marvelous concert and we loved your sense of humor!! I had hoped that you and Mickey would have sung a few songs together, or just sat and chatted with the audience of your experiences as entertainers … that would have been an added plus. However, that was amazing you went to the lobby to sign autographs with the fans … that is unheard of today with entertainers, sports people, etc. Very impressive. Thank you for a great evening.


Dear Dr Noone…..i am appealing to you for a second opinion..i had this virus thingy and lost 31 ilbs in weight …my doctor has told me i need to put those Ilbs back on so i can feel normal again( whatever that feels like) i thought NoOne could help me and there you where..could you send me youre extra pounds through cyber space then i could wrap them round me and feel more than normal…..well done on the weight look amazing …how i love technology.x


Hi Peter! You look great, as always. Yours was the first rock album I ever owned & I still love to listen to you. Been catching your show on SiriusXM 60’s lately, & I enjoy hearing you talk about the 60’s & 70’s. A friend of mine went to your concert in Wichita & asked for your autograph, which she framed & gave me! Its a treasure. You might not give the name of your eating plan on here but it sounds like the Zone which I do, well part of the time (haha) & am also down to the weight I was several yrs ago…it works to eat right & take care of ourselves! God bless you!


Some of us are too busy looking at your gorgeous face and smile and don’t notice the belly. Butt thin (but then), eating sensible and keeping active will hopefully keep us out of the wheelchair in the future. High five and a way to go to Peter. PS I could never give up Almond Joys entirely.


Very well done Peter, you look great. Actually ,you always look great.


How close are you to the weight of 17 year old Herman? I very vocally inhaled when I saw you- it didn’t seem possible! I found it kind of intimidating to see you looking that good. And now I am dreaming about you.

lady K/ Ms Cupcake

Howdy Peter! I had to laugh at “the almost normal looking ” part……I am not sure what normal is…….Is this as in norman normal? I am glad you are healthy……and I KNOW that all your fans love you and your talents no matter what the scale says……..

ps. Time to throw out the damn scale! and ROCK OUT!!! YEAH!!!


Me, being a ‘people’ is laughing at the fact that ‘We’ have been asking “whatever happened to the old fat Peter Noone of the early 21st century”? ‘We’ aren’t very nice, are ‘we’? hahahahahaha


You lost 31 pounds..?? How much is that in US currency.. ;-)


Ha, Ha…I love this post, blueashjan.
Let me weigh in briefly:

31 lbs. = about 2 stone
“50 & Counting” tour = about two Stones (Mick and Keef)
“50 & Counting” tour = about $500 US (tickets)
Congrats, Mr. Noone:)

judy ga

You look slim, trim and 30! But I have a question for the doctor. Does this mean we shouldn’t have the bread pudding at the Stanleyville Smokehouse???

Alice M.

So why is it that everything good for you tastes so bad, and everything that’s bad for you tastes so good? I say thank goodness for spring. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in season, and good walking weather.

maanhe 1

I wondered how you lost your weight.Now I can try this and add more walking to it. My son is a nutritionist,but I can’t eat his concoctions.Thanks for posting how you did it. I need to lose some.I will be 60 in May.My mom will be 94 in August and she says it will be hard for me to lose weight,but maybe I’ll surprize her.She weighs 100lbs. But she does a lot of work outside and in her house.oh well,I might be able to do it.


Peter, you look fabulous. I am going to try to do that to. If you can do it, I can do it. I do have trouble drinking a lot of water. I do get lots of excercise chasing after my special education kids running in different directions.
See you in Aurora, ILL on my birthday.


can someone please tell me what Almond joys are? Peter Noone you look great with or without the 31lbs! :)


Tracey – Almond Joys are chocolate/coconut candy bars with almonds and come two to a pack. High calorie/zero nutrition (well, maybe a little protein in the almonds!)


North Americans, Remember this?:

“Sometimes you feel like a nut;
sometimes you don’t…”


…the humor of having such a suggestive jingle was too much for 6 year old boys on school playgrounds in the 1970s, who proceeded to kung fu kick each other where it counts with the battle cry: “Almond Joy’s got nuts, Mounds don’t!!!” Ahh, the joys of masculinity…

Linda Iowa

That’s great! I don’t eat a lot of white foods but once in a while I can’t resist the temptation!!!


so, does that mean I can eat dark chocolate, but not white chocolate?? I think I can handle that!!! just kidding.


Ah, yes, smarter eating and exercise! I’m so very glad that NoOne listened and turned into a healthier Peter Noone! 31 Pounds – YAY! I also lost 30 pounds (30 yrs ago now) and became a Fitness Professional, so this is my professional opinion: you look fabulous! Don’tcha feel great?


Wow, that sounds good. Nothing white you say? Now I dont have to eat that blasted cauliflour!
PS. you look great!

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