Me New T-shirt

Cor love a duck me lives me new teeshirt
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Just me Peter arriving at the hotel here in Rocky Mount, Virginia! He’s looking better than ever! The Harvester Performance Center awaits the arrival of royalty. Break a leg!


I just wish another cool tee shirt like the new Red one would be available
Love the tee shirts with the picture of Peter on them or the ones with him & the band.
Wish at the concerts more of the songs would be added in even if they were not so popular in the States we love all of the songs

Lonely Summer

Got me one of these last year at the HH Xmas show with 1964- the Tribute in Kent, WA, Sho Ware Center. Great nite that should be repeated.

Hugo Javier Concha

Hi Pete! My family and I are looking forward to seeing you again at EPCOT. Your shows are always fun and nothing less than great. Thank you very much for all those wonderful happy songs. P.S: Elvis sends his very best wishes. – Hugo J. Concha, Esq.,

Lynn Janette

I love the shirt! Hope it’s for sale when I see you Jan.25th in IN. Been a fan for 48 years, since you were the first concert I ever went to in Chicago in 1965 or 66. Can’t wait to hear your great voice again!


A bit late on this, but if they are available at the Bloomington, IL show on Thursday I will be sure to get one. also if you do signing after the show I have something very cool for you to sign. I found it in a vintage record store last year in Normal, IL. Thursday cannot come soon enough.


Do you ever come back to England to do concerts. I have been a fan since the beginning .


Just got mine… happy :) I’ll wear it while I’m listening to “Something Good” tomorrow!


What an amazing mail day it was for me! Got my T shirt and as well got my Christmas Ornament & Christmas card! Wow! I am not sure what I like the best of the three items…decisions, decisions, decisions. :)


Saw you in Frederick at the Weinberg Center. It’s been a while since I went to a concert. I needed my PN fix. Great concert! I love your socks! Sorry we didn’t stick around to say hi. My husband is very impatient and doesn’t like to wait in lines. He prays for patience and then asks God to hurry up about it. :o)
Ginie Heppes


I’m looking forward to the Birchmere tonight! It was fun seeing/ meeting you in Sewell but this small venue should be even better!!


Norma October 15, 2013 at 7:48 PM
I hope the new tee shirt will be at the concert October 17 in Fredrick, Md.


Hi Peter! I love the new design for the tee-shirt…Fabulous! And also, I agree with Stacie. HHSPN NEEDS to come back to NH…to KEENE, to be exact…right Stacie? Lots and Lots of Love from Claire in NH xo.


Love this new tee shirt, order one and now I can’t wait to get it


I hope the new tee shirt will be at the concert October 17 in Fredrick, Md.


I think its a super fab T-shirt! Looking forward to ordering mine!


I’d say that it’s a hit! Maybe in time for Christmas? :-)


I think this is one of the best ones yet! Thanks for the preview, Peter!

Alice M.

I absolutely love it. You’d better order a hundred jillion – this one is going to fly off the souvenir tables !!


Wow! Nice shirt!!! First thing I thought…. if this was a tshirt design submission… I’ve lost for sure!!! LOL


Hi Peter!! I would like to add my 2 pence worth regarding the new T-shirt. ABSOLUTELY FAB!!!! can’t wait to get me one!!

Keene on Peter

Love this new t-shirt graphic, Peter!! Now we just need a Noone England show (preferably in Noone Hampshire)…..keeping fingers and toes crossed!!


Creatively I think it is one of the best. Just my artist’s opinion…but my opinion none the less


That’s a keeper! I like it too. Now lets hope for some So. Cal concerts!


I love it too Peter its the BEST one yet :) Hoping I can get one before the Akron show :)


no sk – not by then. someone jumped the gun when i asked for approval on it!

Barbara NYC

I think you said you love your new teeshirt ?? Me too! LOL!

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