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Frank Hargrove

The Manship Theater in Baton Rouge did not allow picture or video recording at previous concerts. You are “close” to the stage at any seat (only 325). The River Center Theater (a few blocks away) has seating for 1895 to 2000. For a Saturday concert, I usually park on one of the streets downtown, and I can get away quicker than parking in the St. Louis Street Garage.

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Saw the show last night at CasinoRama and enjoyed it to the max! Excellent!
Loved you!


Mine just came and it’s fab! Woo Hoo! In time for Vegas in 2 weeks :-)

Lynn M.

Just bought two of these shirts
Saturday night. Thanks to Rosé who
brought them to us because the crowd
of fans was so large we couldn’t get to
the table. Thanks Rose and as always
thanks Mr. Noone and the Wonderful Hermits
for an amazing night and fabulous first
PNSHH show of 2014. See you in February !!!


Love the shirt!! so glad you love the Grass Roots, and 60`s on 6!!! me too, but love you more!!!LOL!! Have fun tonight, wishing I was there!!


Another fabulous shirt! I’ll have to make room in my closet for it! :)


Ordered it…now, if I could just see you for an autograph! *sigh*…

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