Walking to work Pall Mall London

Walking to work Pall Mall London
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Jane R

Lovely pic! I hope you gave Her Majesty a wave on the way past! ;)


Great pic! Are we gonna see a pic of Great Uncle Peter with baby? :)

Cindy M

When I was little, we had candy cigarettes called Pall Mall. Neat to see where the name came from.

Karen (KT)

Looks like a bunch of Londoners were wandering around behind you. Didn’t even know Pall Mall was a famous street……..just another thing to learn here at pn.com! Glad you got a spring break and visit home!


There are not a lot of people posting on the Forum, so I’m going to do my part (nice to see you posting regularly, Claudia!)

You do look quite serious, Peter, but we know that 17 yr old Herman lurks inside you because we see him at every concert! Miss you, hurry back to the States! Looks like you’re back on American soil on Friday :-)


My son Mark and I will be at both concerts at Diamond Joe’s in Dubuque this Saturday. Can’t wait to see you!
Roxanne Runnells Montano (Formerly of Colorado)

Claudia B

The name is Bond, James Bond . . . . . at the end of the Mall, turn right into Parliament Street and you’re almost there . . . . just in time to take your inherited seat for the afternoon session in Lords . . . .

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