I'm Henry the 8th?Oh no you are not!

I'm Henry the 8th?Oh no you are not!
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Claudia B

My, this is convoluted thinking . . . . Gary Busey (am I correct?), who played Buddy Holly in “The Buddy Holly Story” — which was, of course, about the life of the musician you admired so much that you wanted to assume his mantle and so became Pete Novak & The Heartbeats . . . . but, somehow Rocky & Bullwinkle got thrown in there and, in the scramble, you became Herman & The Hermits (also, was this before or after Jerry Lee Lewis’ semi-obscure album cut?) . . . . which, after a short while and a big hit record managed to boost your ego to the point of self-aggrandizement; enabling you to assume the alternate (and sometimes overriding) personality of HRH Henry Tudor . . . . and, maybe become great fodder for an ambitious rock & roll psychologist?? Whew!!!

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