Ready Steady Go (rehearsal) 1965

Ready Steady Go (rehearsal) 1965
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Ray Lovegrove

I was there nice to see Karl Green in the back — although our main fun days were at the Crom when I had left as roadie to the Kinks & took the DJ job at th Crom–always remember the Halloween night when you were close to Lulu!!!!
Visa restrictions control our time in Florida although I have kept the house there.
Met up with Ronnie Wood a while back now collecting his Art.
I will not join Facebook or twitter they are open to much abuse & as I’m in the Care business I need to protect the residents.
One day I’m sure we will meet up chatting over old haunts & gigs would be super I hit 70 soon & am in excellent health—Pete its only Rock & Roll as John (Maus) Walker used to say to me–keep well & that fab humour you have. RAY

Mary Erb

Hi, Kiddo, long time no see. I would hope you have some pix stashed of your sister Suzanne who was so little the last time I saw a picture of her in the British Invasion. Hey, c’mon, she’s family.


just fell in love with you all over again…..tears ….just some of THEgreatest songs of the 60’s…no doubt…
50 Yeats on and simply fabulous…WOW.

Cindy M

Got my tickets for the Stafford show today. Looking forward to it!!!

Linda Iowa

I agree with Nanci; a little history behind the pic would be nice. Thanks for sharing anyway.


What a fun time that must have been..enjoy the picture..but miss your stories.

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