Peter Blair Denis Bernard Noone aka HERMAN

Peter Blair Denis Bernard Noone aka HERMAN
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Shirley Wills

Hi. I went to the concert at sunrise FL. I bought the cd Herman hermits greatest hits. When I bought it, it didn’t have a sealed plastic sleeve on it. I have only played it once and it skips. I paid $20 for it. The concert was just awesome! It was a disappointment not to see him, as promised. I didn’t go to get a close pic cause I didn’t want to interrupt the concert. Was disappointed, but it was still just great!! I wanted to check with you and see what I shod do as far as my cd is concerned.


I feel that way too. Believe it or not. I use to pray for a chance to meet Peter (Herman) and years later, my prayer was answered!!


I know this is going to sound silly, but it makes me smile on the inside and outside especially when I see early pictures of “Herman”. It didn’t dawn on me that going to a concert was even possible (I was 11) when I first saw him on Ed Sullivan (June 6, 1965). Now it is equally hard for me to realize that I have been fortunate enough to attend MANY concerts and that my idol and first (and truly only) music crush knows me by name ……. How cool is that ? !

Being a Noonatic makes my whirled “Just A Little Bit Better” ~ Thank you, Peter aka “Herman” !!

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