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Errr… actually more of a disclaimer before we get started… This site was carved out of the ususal chiseled lump of data and clay by Sysop and Texxx, somewhere in March, April, and May 2016. They are older than most keyboard wizards, so that is why the site might move slow. If it speeds up that means Godaddy, our new host has expanded their over-sold server farm, and not because we made improvements.

Sysop and Texxx. Make it work.

Sysop and Texxx. Make it work.

The forums cupboards are full on mobile devices. Chat is different now. It is contained within the site and out of the hands of ChatBlazer. If you are on IE6, we can’t guarantee much. Cosmetically, Sysop worked in unison with Texxx to keep the site looking a bit like the old one, but with something different, because it is not good to change too much. Whatever you change, change it slowly. If you noticed what we changed, please let us know.

While building this site, content was unearthed from the very early days, nearly back to the time of Little Peter, and the reign of the Mighty Nooniah, and it is a mystery as to what to do with the content. So to keep matters simple, an image shot by David Conger was discovered of the boys on stage which made life simple for an entire 5 minutes. But back to the previous subject…. It has been almost as long as from the 60s to the time Peter had a web site until that time to now, so keeping everything in tact across several revisions and someone as prolific as Dr. NoOne is ultimately not for the faint of heart. If the images can be dug up, we might get a glimpse of the passed, and attempt to bridge this site to those of yesteryear. But that is a lot of research and it might be more fun to focus on what a wonderful whirled this could be. If you are confused, awesome. I have succeeded in persuading you to enjoy the better portions of the site and life in general.

But let’s not run along before we thank everyone that supports Peter Noone and each other, as there are a lot of you, and a lot to support. If you find something that is broke (in the site), email Texxx and we’ll put on glasses and see if it is worth fixing. Please do not abuse this. Texxx cannot tell you how to install batteries in your mouse and will run for the hills if he can find any.

Thanx, and happy times.