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      Is there a way for those of us not on Facebook to order next year’s calendar? Thanks calendar girls

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      karen t

      Hi Linda here’s the FB post with info. Hope it helps!!

      It’s Time to Order Your Calendar!


      The Peter Noone 2021 Charity Calendar will be professionally printed with a laser printer. They will be 8 1/2 x 11 inches, have pictures printed on heavyweight paper, and have a spiral binding. Please abide by the following guidelines:


      1. Send a check for $30 per calendar made out to: Kathy Carlin with a note enclosed including your name, address, email address and the number of calendars you are ordering.

      Send both to:
      Kathleen Carlin
      133 Johnson Avenue

      Wallington, NJ


      2. Visit the Shopify link on the Hermans Hermits Starring Peter Noone facebook page.

      3. Paypal: See below.


      U.S. Residents: You may pay through Paypal if you add a one time fee of $2.00 per order, so if you order more than one calendar the first one would be $32, and the others $30 when purchased at the same time. If you do not want to pay $32, please send a personal check or a money order for $30 per calendar to Kathleen Carlin at the address above.

      Overseas Residents: We are making Paypal payments available to you at $30 per calendar, due to the high cost of converting foreign currencies into USD, which doesn’t give you the option of sending cheques or money orders.

      Please make all Paypal payments to:

      All profits will go to the Unity Shoppe in Santa Barbara. A check for the calendar profits will be presented at the Christmas Unity Telethon in December on behalf of Peter’s fans.

      Under NO circumstances are Peter, Jana, or any band members to be contacted about anything to do with this calendar! This project has been “okayed” by Peter, but please note that he is not directly involved, and this is NOT a Fan Club project.

      For any questions you might have please contact either of the following:

      Kathy Carlin (Carlie), Treasurer –

      Kathy Davis (kdpt) , Coordinator in charge of printing

      All orders must be received by October 1st.

      All calendars will be mailed out in October/November

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      Even though I can’t afford to order a Peter Noone Calendar, I am glad to see SOMEONE remembers there are MEMBERS (I’m a LIFER), who are INDIVIDUALISTS. When FORUMS disappear—and they will—how will we non-Facebook, non-Instagram, and non-Twitter subscribers, remain informed MEMBERS of the Peter Noone Fan Club? Not that I expect anyone to understand the full impact of what I’m saying. Just feel someone should throw this and other issues out there for proper consideration. (Just call me the iconoclast frogprince. LOL!) Hoppy 4th. of July! Ribbit! :-)

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      karen t

      Hey Frog yes it’s been too long since the forums were used like in the past…. PN has been very active on FB during the pandemic and there’s been many new fans that have found him again so that’s a great thing! I see that concert schedules are current so hopefully more people will continue to be here for a long while! Stay safe out there! 👋👋👋

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      Thanks Karen for the info. I understand what you’re saying Froggy. !

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      I’m having a little fun being a grumpy frog. I realize music is a business. You must go where the people are to find and have an audience.

      When chat existed, you might be booted by Herman for laughs. With Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter people have lost their jobs and more. Often for stupid things said years ago. Was it “I Understand” that said, “Let bygones be bygones”? We are fast approaching the day when all speech shall be judged and punished. No one seems to understand this. Ribbit! :-(

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