Errr… actually more of a disclaimer before we get started… This site was carved out of yet another chiseled lump of data and clay by Sysop and TeXXX Support, somewhere in February, 2021. They are older than most keyboard wizards, so that is why the site might appear odd. If it doesn’t appear that way, we have all finally healed.

Sysop and Texxx. Make it work.


But let’s not run along before we thank everyone that supports Peter Noone and each other, as there are a lot of you, and a lot to support. If you find something that is broke (in the site), email TeXXX and he’ll put on glasses and see if it is worth fixing. Please do not abuse this. TeXXX cannot tell you how to install an extra monitor and will run for the hills if he can find any.

Thanx, and happy times.